Forget specs, just go and buy new Motorola Moto G

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    The new Motorola Moto G is this good. We already reviewed it and reached the same conclusion — specs aka the hardware doesn’t matter all that much.Motorola first launched the Moto G in 2012. It was a remarkable phone: It was arguably one of the first Android phones that put user experience above everything else. There was nothing flashy about it, yet when you used the device you realised it was special. Three generations later, Motorola is back with the new Moto G. The new phone is called, rather blandly, the Moto G (third gen).Even though the Indian phone market has changed a lot in the last one year and is now full of some amazing phones that don’t cost a bomb, the new Moto G still manages to make its presence felt in a significant way. The reason? It offers consumers a taste of pure Android without any adulteration and modifications that other manufacturers put in their phones and that makes it a special pick over the others. In sum, it offers consumers an experience instead of the hardware specification sheet, which other companies seem to prioritise. And consequently it trumps other phones in its class when you start using it.In terms of hardware, the new Moto G offers nothing special. It uses the Snapdragon 410 processor, which is nowadays found in phones that cost less than Rs.8,000, and comes with decent but nothing remarkable 5-inch screen with 720P resolution. The design too is nothing special in terms of looks. It is chubby with a thickness of over 10mm and has a body made entirely of plastic.

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