Motorola Moto G takes you back to the good old days

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    Motorola launched the third generation Moto G in India on Tuesday bringing back so many old memories. Call it a blast from the past if you may. Feels like only yesterday when the Lenovo-owned company launched the first generation of the Moto G giving us a phone that was short and sweet, affordable yet so much functional. The Moto G now in its third generation is all about that, even more to an extent.More importantly, it’s about reliving the times when smartphones were beginning to get affordable and feature-rich at the same time. The Moto G (and the Moto E) was never about specifications but about bringing a well to-do smartphone to the masses. No wonder, it became so much popular. But times they are a changing. The Moto G (Gen 3) comes at a time when the terms value for money and affordability can co-exist. The combination is doing wonders if you haven’t noticed.

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