My Mother

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    My Mother

    I love so much my mother,
    She’s always in my heart.
    Even though we argue,
    We’ll never be apart.

    She can tell when I have problems.
    She knows when I am down.
    She’s always there to cheer me up,
    and take away my frowns.

    At times when I get mad at her
    it’s hard to stay that way.
    Only because she makes me laugh
    every passing day.

    I love my mother with all my heart,
    but this she does not know.
    Sometimes I want to tell her,
    but I’m afraid to let it show.

     Shilpa Rana 

    Nice lines. I love my mom in bottom of my heart.

     Sapna Thakur 

    Truly nice poem. I Love my mom so much. Thank you mom! for the countless nights you put me to sleep.

     Sangeeta Negi 

    Truly very nice poem.

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