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Domain News Fetches  in Domain Market US$ 823456

An unnamed Internet developer just said yes to late last week, and bought the domain name at auction for US$823,456.

A flurry of eleventh-hour bids drove the price up more than $500,000 that afternoon, after the domain name languished on the auction block for nearly a month.Several pharmaceutical companies placed bids on the domain.The CEO of, the brokerage firm that ran the auction, said that the buyer is "a well-known player" in Internet business. GreatDomains has more than 55,000 domain names for sale on its Web site, including, with a $480,000 bid;, with a $200,000 bid; and, with a $150,000 bid.


The head of the House Commerce Committee turns his ICANN  probe toward the White House. Did the Clinton administration  illegally help raise money for the domain name organization?

No fee No domain

There will be no more free lunches for Network Solutions customers. The world's largest Internet domain name registrar is going to charge in advance by credit cards from september this year..

Domain player face music
The first congressional hearing devoted to domain name privatization took a sharply partisan edge Thursday as Republicans criticized the Clinton...