Hostel Activities


The school is residential in nature. There are about 800 boys and girls from all over the globe residing in its hostels, it has 8 hostels including two separate hostels for girls. We teach them to live independently under the supervision of hostel wardens assisted by matrons and ayas. Recreational arrangements for boys and girls are entirely separate. Division of hostel is done according ot different age groups. Hostels are fully equipped with modern amenities for convenience of hostelers.

A daily bath is compulsory for all students. Hot bath facility is available through solar water heating system during the winter season. The Sikh boys and girls wash 'KESH' every week. Proper care is taken that they dry, oil and comb their hair properly.

The Hostel dining Hall is designed with a seating capacity for five hundred persons, Nutritious & well balanced diet is served to the students. The hostel mess is equipped with modern cooking gadgets like Peelers, Cutters, Bulk Cookers, Dish washer etc. to maintain hygienic standards. The school is also equipped with solar lights, solar water heating system for cooking, washing & bathing purposes. SPS has its own washing and Dry-cleaning Unit.


Students undergo regular medical check-up from time to time in the school campus from the Health Department (under school Health Programme). The school has Medical Inspection  room under the charge of M.B.B.S. Doctor for their assistance a whole time nurse and an attendant are engaged. Parents are informed about the welfare of their wards. Vaccination and inoculation (if any) against diseases like smallpox, typhoid are periodically arranged.

Letter Writing It is mandatory that the child write if any to his/her home every Monday regarding his/her welfare.

The school has its own canteen for soft drinks and other eatables.

The children whose Birthday falls in a week, celebrate their Birthday collectively on Sunday.

Authorized visitors may see students on week ends. No child will be allowed to come out of the class during teaching periods.

The school has its own Agricultural farm and Dairy farm to give the first hand knowledge of the rural settings.

There are two vacations - one for eight weeks in May-July and the second for three weeks in December-January. An advance intimation of the actual dates of the vacation is sent to the parents/guardians.

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