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Chandigarh City - Tourism
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The Museum and Art Gallery
As per its name its building in itself is a work of great art. Historical and modern paintings and sculpture of vast range are housed in museum. Dr. M.S. Randhawa the first Chief commissioner of Chandigarh was a man of many facts. One of these was his fondness and love for art. He had remained himself involved in Kangra and other Pahari miniature paintings as well as Gandhara sculpture. Because of his interest there is rich collection of these rare pieces of art in the museum. For the interest of anthropologists there is collection of fossils of pre historic man and his implements. These finds were unearthed in India. In the complex is museum of Evolution and the exhibition gallery housing interesting features. One can always enjoy the exquisite pictures and sculptures at this place. They are real examples of great architect’s work. It is located in Sector 10. The museum complex remain open 10.00 a.m. to 4.30. p.m. on all days except Mondays
Punjab University
Educational activities are spread all over the city. However the premier institution Punjab University is located in the north west corner of the city in the sector 14. This sector has University’s administrative offices, educational blocks subject wise and residential hostels for students and houses for university’s employees. Sector 14 and university are synonymous in Chandigarh. To some this sector looks the most beautiful of all the sectors. No doubt about it. Its beautiful red sand stone buildings have been built on awe stuck landscape. The focal point is the Gandhi Bhawan, which is centre for learning philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. This Bhawan seems to be floating like a lotus in a large water pool. An early walker in this sector will witness some exquisite scenes. Under the flowering trees the dropped flowers provide such designs on the groung as if a carpet has been laid on which colourful pattern have been woven on the expensive campus. There are 190 colleges affiliated to this university which are situated in the Union Territory of Chandigarh and some other states.
The largest building in the Capital Complex. It is huge slab type building, intended as a work place for about 4000 people In the hands of Le Corbusier this basically dull framework has turned out to be something of a sculpture. It is shaped like an eight storey concrete slab incorporating a high drama of plasticity and grandeur, especially in the centre portion which contains the offices of minister with its distinctive high parapet, concrete walls offers a memorable experience to visitors at the highest point of repose and recreation in the city.
The High Court
The High Court the law interpreting structure is one of the first architectural monuments to be built in the Capitol complex. The structure of this building has a double roof, projecting over the office block, like a inverted umbrella shading its lower part and forming trough from which the monsoon rainwater is discharged through huge spouts at magnificent outward sweep symbolically that the law is an umbrella of shelter for the ordinary citizen. The rear wall of the court room are decorated with large woollen tapestries designed by Le Corbusier
The Legislative Assembly
The profile of the Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) cupola determines the stately personality of the building. The form was inspired by an impressive grouping the industrial cooling towers during Le Corusier visit to Ahmedabad. The Legislative Assembly square in plan with a monumental portico standing free from the main building and facing the high court which delineates the south eastern end of the Capitol Piazza. A pyramid cover the upper chamber of the erstwhile bicameral system,and offer an exciting counterpoint to the main cupola.
The Open Hand Monument
The most important monument in the Capital Complex is Open Hand it is made of matel sheet arises 26 meter from the sunken french and rotate freely in the wind from a high concrete padestal. The giant hand turn around a ball bearing like a weather clock. The design of this emblem as of the monument was conceived entirely by the Le Corbusier. The symbol stand for india's civilizations greedlessness and magnanimity 'Open to give - Open to recieve'. It is official emblem of the city. This is probably only city emblem.
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