At Tagore Theatre yesterday a musical treat of 115 minute presented by the 800 students of Strawberry Fields High School of class IV. This musical treat was related with the magic tale of Aladdin.

Teachers and students discuss the roles ,story line that how the show will be presented before the final presentation of Aladdin.

In this musical treat story of Aladdin was presented . Aladdin falls in love with the princess Jasmine. And cannot marry princess Jasmine because of their social status differences. His life was full of sadness and heartbreak. After some time he found a magic lamp which turned him into a prince.

But this is not the end of his difficulties after this he had to stop the villainous acts of Jafar. This musical treat with all the turns and twists ends with a happy note by telling that good against evil will always win and we have to keep faith in good and noble deeds.

At the end the director of the school Atul Khanna told that blend of thoughts and all possibilities into a logical and reasonable narrative are the part of learning process.


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