How To Get From Delhi To Chandigarh

BBC called her the ‘perfect city to live in India’. Her people often called the City Beautiful. However you want to address it, Chandigarh never ceases to charm her visitors. It is a popular destination for travelers from Delhi, either for a weekend trip or as an important stopover en route to Himachal Pradesh or further northward. Even the route between Delhi and Chandigarh makes for a great road trip.

Here’s our handy guide to make your Delhi-Chandigarh travel a memorable one!

Chandigarh at a glance

The joint capital of Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh takes pride in its smart urban planning, cultural growth, and a lifestyle at par with modern metros. Planned and designed by the famous Swiss-French architect, Le Corbusier, among other eminent designers like Pierre Jeanneret, Jane Drew, and Maxwell Fry. While the city skyline represents a mix of post and neo-modern European architecture, the city boasts a vibe that is deeply rooted in the north Indian culture. Clean and green neighborhoods, bustling markets, well-designed homes, and commercial establishments, Chandigarh stands up to its moniker. To discover the city at its best, you can explore some of its 22 fascinating gardens, including the famous Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, a miniature Eiffel Tower, and much more.

From Delhi to Chandigarh: A tour plan

The ride

The first step to ensure that you have a great journey is to decide how you travel. The ride you choose will determine what you can expect out of the journey. Every mode of travel will yield a different experience. However, the best way to enjoy the route between Delhi and Chandigarh is to travel by road. There are plenty of car rentals you can avail of. However, you should only book reliable and licensed cabs from Delhi to Chandigarh for a comfortable ride and reasonable costs. If you are traveling in a big group (more than 10 people), always opt for a minivan and make it easy for all the passengers. Most online car rentals offer great deals on Delhi-Chandigarh routes and multiple vehicle options.

The route

The route between Delhi and Chandigarh is quite a popular one for road trips. The approximate distance between the two cities is 250 KM and takes somewhere between five to six hours, depending on the route you take, the traffic conditions, etc. You can take any of these three routes-

  • NH 44 – 244 Km, takes 4.5 hours
  • NH9 and NH 44 – 305 Km, takes hours
  • NH709A and NH 44 – 307 Km, takes 7 hours

When you book a top-rated cab in Delhi, you can expect great on-road service and enjoy the journey, instead of worrying about the roads or the routes.

Places to see on your way

Although you are traveling from one city to another, it doesn’t have to be uneventful or monotonous. You can make your journey exciting by stopping at some interesting places on your way. This route is lined with old cities and historical sites that have been an important part of India’s history. You can stop by any of these places or just sit back and enjoy as the views change from the concrete skyline of Delhi and NCR to smaller towns of Haryana, and the green and yellow fields of Punjab.

Here are some of the prominent pit stops between Delhi and Chandigarh.

Panipat: 86 Km from Delhi           

Famous for: Panipat Battlefield Memorial & Museum, Tomb of Ibrahim Lodhi.

Karnal: 117 Km from Delhi           

Famous for: Karna Lake and Karnal Fort.

Kurukshetra: 155 Km from Delhi               

Famous for: Brahma Sarovar and significant sites from Mahabharat.

Ambala: 200 Km from Delhi        

Famous for: Historic pond called Rani Ka Talab.

Just before you reach Chandigarh, you can stop at these places too!

Cactus Garden, Panchkula

Famous for: 3500 varieties of cacti, ranging from thorny rhizoids to succulents, and flowering plants.

Sukhna Lake, Sector 1

Famous for: Artificial lake with views of the Sivalik Hills surrounded by a promenade and local hangout joints, shopping and dining options.

Food stops

No road trip is complete without a good grub on-the-go. Fortunately for travelers, the roads from Delhi to Chandigarh is lined with the most popular dhabas and eateries of the region. So, you will never be hunting for a food stop. To make your trip more adventurous, turn your travel to Chandigarh a ‘culinary trip’ and explore the best diners.

Here are some of the best places to enjoy a gastronomic joyride on your trip.

Haveli– Murthal, Haryana

Famous for: Palatial, themed restaurant with an outdoor food court and upscale indoor dining.

Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba– Sonipat, Haryana

Famous for: A huge spread of multi-cuisines buffet, bakery, snack counter, and confections. It is good for families and late-night dining options.

So, next time you are heading to Chandigarh, don’t just drive. Turn it into an experience!

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