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 Take time to enjoy each other's company.

 Make every effort to become each other's best    friend.

 Share your dreams with each other. Don't keep them    to yourselves, thinking your partner should know    them. I know of very few, if any, people that are    mind readers.
 Forgive each other quickly of    their mistakes. NEVER go to    bed mad. Regardless of how    angry you are, forgive    quickly, and never sleep    apart.

 Tell your partner, "Drive safely please. I love you!."

 Give each other hugs at least twice a day.

 Take time to meditate and/or pray together.

 Spend time with other happy couples - it might just    rub off on you.

 Go to a dance instructor and take dance lessons    together.

 Be the first one to say "I'm sorry" after a    disagreement.

 Respect each other's need for quiet private time.

 Take long moon-lit walks on the beach, or through    the park, while holding hands.

 Make your anniversary celebration an all day event.    If possible take the day off from work, and celebrate    your love all day.

 Make time from your busy schedules for a second    honeymoon or a romantic getaway

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