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 Do something he would probably never expect -    Send "Him" flowers!

 Spend intimate time with him. No television, no    telephone, no computer, just you and him.

 Always respect him. Respect is one of the things    men treasure the most in relationships.

 Touch him affectionately: put your hand on the    small of his back, run your fingers through his hair,    using your fingertips, lightly trace the inside of his    forearm.

 Tell him he is "handsome,"   "rugged," and "strong", trynot to    use "cute."

 Surprise him with a candle-lit    dinner.

 Tell him that you feel safe when you're in his arms.

 Encourage him in whatever he does--sports, work,    whatever.

 Watch sports with him, even if it isn't your thing.

 Forgive him when he messes up.

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