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Apple announces new accessibility features:  Apple Watch Mirroring


iOS 16 is the next major update to Apple’s operating system, and it’s coming this fall with the new iPhone 13  series. However, that didn’t stop Apple from showing off the great accessibility features and apps the update brings. For example, Find out what new accessibility features you can enjoy on your iPhone this fall (if it’s on our list of iPhones compatible with iOS 16). 

Apple is previewing several new accessibility features coming to the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch later this year. Apple says the new features give users, including people with disabilities, more options to “browse, connect and get the most out of Apple products.” 


Apple Watch Mirroring and Quick Actions 

First, if you own an Apple Watch, you’ll be happy to know that a new mirroring feature is coming to  Apple Watch. This makes the Apple Watch easier than ever for people with reduced mobility. 

But what exactly does this function do? Apple Watch Mirror lets you control your Apple Watch using iPhone features like voice control and contact control, and using inputs like voice commands, voice actions, or head tracking. Additionally, there are third-party Made for iPhone contacts that you can use as an alternative to tapping on the Apple Watch screen. 

Apple Watch Mirroring uses a combination of hardware and software, including “advanced technology designed for AirPlay” to achieve these wonders. This new feature makes it easy to access blood oxygen, heart rate, fitness, and almost every other feature on Apple Watch. 

Plus, you can get things done quickly with the new  Apple Watch. With a double tap, you can answer or end calls, ignore notifications, take photos, play or pause media, and start, pause, or resume your workout. 

This feature is based on  Apple Watch’s AssistiveTouch technology. AssistiveTouch lets you control your Apple Watch with gestures like tapping or tapping without touching the screen!


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