Holy Places in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a land of many holy places. In city beautiful you can see people of many communities following diverse religions. Here you can see many Gurudwaras, Temples, Churches, Mosques in and outskirts of tri-city. Though people follow diverse religions but unity is often seen here. Every person loves to follow and enjoy festivals of other community.



In Chandigarh and tri-city many temples can be visited in almost every sector. Some of the temples are very famous and have significance according to Hindu mythology.



Chandigarh being a Punjabi place, many Gurudwaras can be found here as the most number of people belong to Sikh community and follow Sikhism. Gurudwaras for all 10 Gurus of Sikh religion can be found.


Mosques (Masjid)

You can find many mosques here, there are some Mosques in Chandigarh which are having mythological significance from past and people follow and trust the sayings of Mosques blindly.



Chandigarh is not untouched with Christian community. Here many old famous and big churches can be visited which have their religious as well as social significance society. A good percentage of people follow Christianity here.

Holy Places In Chandigarh

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