Open Hand Monument

Open Hand Monument is a structure in Chandigarh, created by Le Corbusier who is a great architect. This open hand sculpture is 26 meters high i.e. of 85 feet. This sculpture is situated in sector 1 in the Capitol Complex of Chandigarh. It symbolizes the exchange of thoughts and ideas that mean there are open receive as well as share ideas. And this structure is designed in way that it moves with wind. It consists of a hand-like structure standing on a channel which turns like a weather cock with the stream of the wind. It is made up of metal sheets and its weighs is about 50 tonnes. Different from a weather cock, though, this hand-like structure embraces special importance of assigning a social message to the world. Le Corbusier designs this open hand monument to indicate peace and unity. The Open Hand monument is the authorized sign of Chandigarh. The idea behind the creation of this open hand structure so that people must have some place where they can share and discuss the problem regarding Chandigarh city.

Open Hand Monument

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