Churches in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is not untouched with Christian community. Here many old famous and big churches can be visited which have their religious as well as social significance society. A good percentage of people follow Christianity here.

Royal Parish Church

Royal Parish Church is located in sector 9, Madhya Marg of Chandigarh. It is easily approachable you can visit there. Royal Parish Church is very peaceful place people will there to get the blessing of God.

Christ Church, CNI

Christ Church is located in sector 18 of Chandigarh as it was created by Mr. J.S. Dethe and they operate school on each Sunday for helping and enlightening people about ideology of Christianity. In 19th century this church is build in western design. Most of the passing professionals, in moveable jobs, from all areas of the country desire to reverence with us, as long as they are stationed in that city.

LifeBridge Worship Centre

LifeBridge Worship Centre is placed in sector 45 C, Burail, Chandigarh. LifeBridge Worship Centre is a filled Bible believing, Gospel, bi-lingual, multi enlightening church in Chandigarh. LifeBridge Worship Centre established in 2001 and they believe that Jesus is the only link for man to God. The Church have seen increasing number of populace coming to the Lord, experience curing, calm and the pleasure of deliverance. They have profitably attempt into variety of Christian ministries such as guidance and, set up homes for homeless children that are poor, and other appropriate ministries.

The Father's House International Church

The Father’s House International Church is located in sector 47 C Chandigarh. The Father’s House International Church thinks that they are the adored of God and they pray that you will find out how really holy world is, highly favored and extremely appreciated you are by Father in paradise. It doesn’t matter for them that you are youth or aged, single or married there is forever a place for you in the Father’s House Church International ancestors. They said that they are here to care for you and provide you, and provide tip to you to worship and elegance of Lord Jesus Christ.

First Baptist Church

This well-known church is situated sector 44 C of Chandigarh. Now this church has 700 followers. And it has Punjabi, English, Hindi, Nepali and Tamil religion peoples and they are looking onward to teach them about principles of Christianity. And the followers of this church trust that God is the originator and sovereign of the world. He has perpetually survives in three persons: the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit.y.

Christ The King Cathedral

Christ the King Cathedral is located in sector 19 C Chandigarh opposite Palika Bazar. The cornerstone for the church was hallowed and created by Bishop O’Hara, the spread of Christ the King. Christ the King Cathedral main motive is determining the existence of God. And the followers of God at Christ the King Cathedral, aware of and appreciative for our various gifts, are devoted to our duty of growing in our Christian conviction.

Victory Prayer Tower

This church is located in sector 32-C. This Victory Prayer Tower church is one of the beautiful churches. Johnson Sangar is the founder of Victory Prayer Tower and they believe that you cannot truthfully mediate through prayer if you do not trust in the authenticity of salvation. Instead, you will only be turning mediation into hopeless kindness for others, which will serve only to boost the happiness they have for left over out of feeling with God.

Infant Jesus Church

Infant Jesus Church is located in sector-19 A Chandigarh.  This is also attractive church having marvelous environment. Infant Jesus Church is established in 1971 and this church is devoted to Infant Jesus. The worship to Infant Jesus is the great prayer performs during our adversity. The esteem of the church grows strongly after the wonders of the shrine. On 14 February every year an annual feast day is celebrated from 1971 to now and lots of people goes to the church to enjoy the ceremony

Our Lady Of Velankanni Church

It is situated in sector- 26 of Chandigarh. This is very beautiful and peaceful church. People go there and feel calm and peace there. Vailankanni is lovingly recognized as the ‘Lourdes of the East’, millions of pilgrims visit the holy place all over the year, praying to Our Lady for a variety of desires and show appreciation to her for the positive discrimination acknowledged through her blessings.

St.Anne Church Chandigarh

It is located in sector 32- D of Chandigarh.  As people goes there to talk with God.  Share their sorrows and happiness with God. They request to worship God respectfully and happily; appreciate and proclaim the rewards for that whatever given us by Jesus Christ in all we say and do; and make a friendly and pardoning society helping the needs of all God’s people.

Navjeevan Chruch Chandigarh

Navjeevan Church is located in Don Bosco Navjeevan Society that is in sector- 24 B, Chandigarh. It is initiated on 6th January 2001. The name of the church that is Navjeevan indicates that new birth in Christ with motivation and full of confidence. In this church Don Bosco Centre provides life ability, individuality and also personality development programmes for youngsters, mainly for the peoples from the slums. This church also offers classes and tutorial in Catechetic, Adolescence Ministry and on other associated matters for juvenile people, teachers, spiritual and lay leaders.

Mar Thoma Church

Mar Thoma Church in Airport Chowk, Raipur Khurd in Chandigarh. Mar Thoma Church is one of the momentous Churches in India and it is related with family of Churches known as “Lesser Eastern Churches”. Mar Thoma Church has been set up by Saint Thomas who is one of the 12 adherents of Jesus Christ. The Church classify itself as “Apostolic in source, widespread in life, Biblical in trust, Evangelical in belief, Ecumenical in view, Oriental in respect, independent in task, and Episcopal in personality.


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