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    Chandigarh Travel Tips

    Chandigarh, the capital city of Punjab and Haryana, has emerged as one of the major tourist hubs of India. Over the years, the city has evolved as a must-visit destination, largely because of its tourist attractions, which range from magnificent temples, museums, art gallery to parks. The excursions of Chandigarh are equally good to explore. Although Chandigarh assures the best possible stay to its travelers, if you are a first time visitor, you would have to take certain precautions regarding your safety and health, which would ensure a pleasant trip. Go through the following lines to get a list of tips for traveling in Chandigarh.

    Tips For Chandigarh Travel

    Health Tips

    Avoid consuming unhygienic street food, because it is one of the prominent causes of stomach upset.

    Always drink packaged drinking water, when you are traveling. Even the water provided by eateries and restaurants might not be filtered.

    Keep travel sickness pills in your purse, whenever you are on a long distance journey. This is especially applicable when you are traveling to high altitude places.

    Choose a hygienic eating outlet, especially when you want to relish on non-veg dishes.

    Avoid dehydration on hot sunny days, by supplying yourself with fluids, such as water and fresh fruit juices. In case of a heat stroke, drink water or lemonade – it would provide immediate relief.

    Safety Tips

    Do not keep your baggage unattended, when you are in public places.

    To ensure the maximum safety of your valuables, such as cash, passport and visa, keep them locked safely, in your hotel room.

    While traveling with cash in hand, ensure that you do not open your wallet in front of the people rendering you services, such as guide, taxi driver etc.

    Be extra cautious while walking through busy streets, because pickpockets throng such places.

    Avoid being overfriendly with strangers, even if they are people associated with your travel, including the taxi driver and guide.

    Never consume drinks or eatables offered to you by strangers.

    Avoid traveling during late nights, especially when you are accompanying a woman or are all alone.

    Enter the police emergency number in your phone diary and take it wherever you go. The cops would reach you during emergencies.

    Couples and newly married people are advised to avoid display of affection, especially in religious places and public parks.

    Chandigarh Facts

    Chandigarh boasts the distinction of being the first planned city of India, which was designed by French Architect Le Corbusier. It is the only union territory in the country that serves as the capital city of two states, Punjab and Haryana. The city has a rich culture and tradition, with the diversity in people, religion, festivals and numerous folk dances.

    How to Reach Chandigarh

    Chandigarh is one of the most important tourist destinations of India. It is a prominent place in the country, as it serves as the capital of two important states – Punjab and Haryana. The city is also the commercial hub of Punjab, apart from being one of the business centers of the country. Chandigarh has a well-developed transport infrastructure, which connects it to all the major cities within and outside the Haryana and Punjab.

    Chandigarh Location

    Chandigarh is located in the north of India, at the foothills of the Shivalik ranges, which form a part of the fragile Himalayan ecosystem. Perched at an altitude of 321 meters above the sea level, it falls within 30°44’14N latitude and 76°47’14E longitude. Covering a total area of 114 sq km, the city stands is surrounded by three states i.e. Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

    Chandigarh Restaurants

    Chandigarh offers a variety of eating-out options. Being multi-ethnic in nature, the city has number of restaurants catering to the taste of almost every person. It will surely have something memorable to offer to you, whether you like traditional food or are one of the Chinese and continental food seekers.

    Shopping in Chandigarh

    Chandigarh is a well-developed city, with lots of shopping options. The city offers a number of traditional as well as modern items, which one would love to carry back home. Being a modern and well- planned city, it has excellently managed shopping areas. These shopping complexes have perfectly lined up arcades, well managed and amply embarked parking lots and well-mannered shoppers in general.

    Chandigarh Weather

    If you are planning to visit Chandigarh, the ‘City Beautiful’, somewhere in this year, then it is better to get all the information on the climate of the city beforehand. This would help you decide the exact time of your trip. Chandigarh has a typical weather experienced by any other Northern city of India. The city enjoys three major seasons, summer, winter and monsoon, apart from the relatively shorter autumn.

    Sangeeta Negi

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