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How to Start a Passion for Reading Manga Comic Books

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Manga or Japanese comics cover a wide variety of topics and can be aimed at both children and adults. Translated Japanese comics are fun to read and provide an easy way to get to know modern Japanese culture.

Determine what type of manga you are interested in. There are various WritingAssignment options from which to choose. Usually comics are classified by gender and age of the target audience:

Shojo. This kind of manga is aimed at girls aged 12-18 and tells stories about a particular character. Popular topics might include: magical girl, high school romance, historical romance, modern romance, science fiction, sports.

Magical Girl. Is a popular shoujo subgenre for young girls that features a heroine with superhuman powers who fights evil and protects the Earth.

Shounen. Action stories for boys. The shonen usually includes a humorous intent, which emphasizes the male characters in particular. The camaraderie between boys and men in sports teams and combat teams is also usually part of the design.

Mecha is a sub-genre of shonen and includes giant robots.

Learn the rating system. Since some manga contain adult themes, there is a rating system similar to that of computer games and movies. American publishers use the following ratings:

A (For all ages)

Y (For teenagers of the younger group, 10+)

T (For teenagers 13+)

OT or T+ (For teenagers of the senior group, 16+)

Find places where you can get manga.

Major bookstores usually have sections dedicated to manga and graphic novels.

Manga can be purchased online.

You can borrow books from friends and acquaintances.

You can go to the library. More and more libraries are beginning to separate manga into separate sections to lure reluctant readers.

Read the manga from the far right to the far left, and each page from the top right to the bottom left. Some top manga exported from Japan are normalized and read from left to right. If you get confused, open the manga like a normal book, there should be a page explaining the reading order.

Find friends who are into the same things. Look for a manga/anime club in your city. They can be created at schools and universities. In addition, you can attend manga/anime events that bring fans together.


The best place to read manga is the library. It’s free. If you can’t find what you need there, go online to find something else.

If you’re not sure what to choose, ask a knowledgeable friend for advice, or check out a related forum.

If the first comic you read didn’t interest you, try something else to see what you like.

Before buying a book, take the trouble to go online and read the description.


Ask for the book you want as a gift. Your interest in manga may be considered by relatives and parents as an interest in Japanese culture.