Bamboo Valley

Bamboo Valley

Bamboo Valley located in Sector 23A between Children Traffic Park & Govt. High School.
The Bamboo Valley has a variety of rare trees which include 110 trees of Marror fail, 45 trees of Amla, 30 trees of Akash Neem, 15 trees of Silver oak, 8 trees of Inter lobium, 8 trees of Amaltas, 8 trees of Chakrassia, 7 trees of Acacia aurculiformis, 5 trees of Behra, 4 trees of Kathal, 4 trees of Mango, 2 trees of Pipa, 2 trees of Kankchampa, 2 trees of Mohagani, 2 trees of Dek.

Bamboo Valley At A Glance

Bamboo Valley


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