Cactus garden

Cactus garden is formally recognized as National Cactus and Succulent Botanical Garden. Cactus garden is situated in Panchkula. This cactus garden is considered as the Asia’s largest garden dedicated to exceptional and rare species having more than 3,500 varieties. This garden has 2,500 varieties of cacti and succulents. Every year in March a cactus show is organized in this garden. In this garden there are not only cactus plants but also different varieties of plants like Aloe Ferox, Aloe Speciosa and other plants. In this garden different types of plants are available for sale. This garden also has 272 kinds of genus Mammillaria and 160 species have been growing naturally outdoor. Gathering of Indian succulents here is recognized as the largest in the earth.

Cactus garden

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