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    What do I need to know and comply with in order not to immediately lose the whole bank? How to choose a bookmaker’s office correctly? There are so many questions that I want to ask someone experienced and there is no one to help.


    It is better to ask how not to lose the last. First worry about not losing large sums, and then start thinking about making money. You need to learn strategies, you need to allocate a pot which is not afraid to risk, learn to approach the game with a cool head. It’s not that simple.


    You have to be patient here. Many people leave bookmaker’s offices almost immediately after the first loss. But it is necessary to understand that this is a necessary part, there are not those who only win. You just had to carefully analyze the game and not bet the entire bank on one match. It is also important never to give in to emotions and excitement – do not try to win back, do not bet on high odds, do not bet on everything. Try starting with welcome bonuses and betting small amounts on 188Bet and keep statistics, over time you’ll see which bets work and which don’t and there will be fewer mistakes.


    If you have X:1 odds, when should you bet?
    Generally when you are betting, X:1 odds means that if the event in question were to be repeated X+1 times, the even would NOT happen X times and happen only 1 time. Usually odds are stated so that the odd of not happening is first.
    In other words, your probability of winning is 1/(X+1) and your probability of losing is X/(X+1). In such a game, you should bet if the payout is more than $(X+1) * [Your Bet]. Let’s try a concrete example.
    Say you are betting that the 49ers win the Superbowl with 3:1 odds. This means you the 49ers have a 1/4 chance of winning and a 3/4 chance of losing. The bookie says that if you bet $10 and you win, then he will pay you $10 * 4/1 = $40. Should you do it?
    Your expected value from the bet would be (1/4) * $40 + 3/4 * 0 = 10, so you would be indifferent at this exact amount. For any amount greater than $40 you should take the bet, and for any amount less than $40 you should turn it down. Of course, this is all assuming that your ultimate goal is to maximize your expected amount of money.


    Hey! Many people think that placing bets is as easy as shelling pears, which is why these people lose all their money in this business. Before placing a bet, you need to carefully analyze the future sporting event. Also important is the choice of a reliable bookmaker. Personally, I can advise sport bets it’s one of the best bookmakers I’ve ever bet on. Hope I helped you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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