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    The online version of Papa’s Pizzeria is optimized for PC, Android, and iOS devices. Without Flash, it is possible to play the game.

    Can papa’s games be Played Without Flash?
    Yes, it is possible to play Papa’s Freezeria without Flash, as there are alternatives that can be used.

    Does Flashpoint support Papa’s games?
    Yes, Flashpoint is capable of running Papa’s games, which include 1,000,000 games and 10,000 animations.

    Can Papa’s games be played without Flash?
    True, Papas games require Flash to function properly, but they can still be played without it. It’s simply not as enjoyable or as fluid as playing with Flash installed.

    Are any of Papa’s games free?
    Yes, Papa’s Cupcakeria and Papa’s Donuteria are two free-to-play games.

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