Interesting Facts About Chandigarh That Help To Get The Title "Perfect City"

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    Some Important facts about Chandigarh are:

    -Chandigarh is known as the first planned city in post-independence India .
    -Chandigarh’s official emblem is the ‘Open Hand’ which symbolises peace and reconciliation.
    -Chandigarh tops the list of Indian States and Union Territories with the highest per capita income.
    -In 2010, Chandigarh was reported to be the cleanest city in India.
    -In 2015, LG Electronics ranked Chandigarh as the happiest city in India over the happiness index.
    -Chandigarh was the first smoke-free city in India.

     Mini Gupta 

    – It is noticed that the sectors in Chandigarh don’t have a Sector 13, a superstitious belief that the no. 13 is not lucky.

    – The city got its name from the famous Chandi Mandir Temple.

     Sapna Thakur 

    No Statue
    In Chandigarh, you would not notice any statue in parks or at the roundabout, a condition of the architect Le Corbusier.

     Amit Sood 

    Chandigarh is the first smoke-free city in India.Chandigarh is in the tops list of all the Indian States and Union Territories with the highest per capital income.

     Neha Rani 

    Chandigarh city got its name from the famous Chandi Mandir Temple. And temple is now famous as a tourist spot.

     Sangeeta Negi 

    The people of Chandigarh are full of life and activity. Chandigarh came into existence after the partition of India, which followed the independence of the country.


    Chandigarh is the only city in which all sectors are well constructed. So it is called Perfect City.


    Right Chandigarh city is the perfect city in world…

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