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    Hello everyone! I want to start work as a moderation. But I don’t know where do I begin?

    jason ukirov

    I advise you to start learning this profession from various courses, YouTube videos and articles. I also studied and I can say from experience it’s pretty easy, but the work brings very good money and I’m also very happy with it, so I recommend to invest time and effort

    james murfyiii

    Yeah, you’re right, man. I work in this field and basically advise the same thing. You can also read this article, it tells you pretty well about this profession and what to do here in general. Without moderation, individuals can say anything, resulting in hurt feelings and disputes between users and negative publicity for businesses. However, when done correctly, moderators act as traffic cops, ensuring that everyone stays on track.


    Automated moderation means that any user-generated content framed game submitted to an online platform will be accepted, refused


    Here join some groups on YO WhatsApp to make this possible get your first step.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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