Arun Velayudhan, Says about Chandigarh What you thinkl?

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    I started my career off from Bangalore, after working a while in Bangalore my company asked me to re-locate to Chandigarh. I was excited about this new opportunity as I love visiting different places. I am a lonely traveller. Packed my bags and was ready to move to a new place. I did a lot of googling about the places to visit, food etc. Let me share the first impressions:

    Reached Delhi, ahhh, so differnt from Bangalore – bright sunny day, broad roads and soon I was on the way to Kashmiri Gate ISBT. As I was looking forward for more travel, I was excited to see buses ready to go to Shimla, Kulu Manali and J&K.

    Hopped on to the Chandigarh bus, and got a ticket to SECTOR SATAAARA (Sector 17) – A lively place to hangout in Chandigarh.

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