Welcome to a city where culture and caffeine collide – Chandigarh.

Beyond its planned architecture and lush gardens, Chandigarh boasts thriving cafe aesthetics reflecting modernity and diversity. From quaint corners adorned to trendy spaces redefining urban chic, this city’s cafes are more than just places to sip coffee; they are hubs of creativity, conversations, and a taste of Chandigarh’s unique spirit.

Here are seven hand-picked spots in Chandigarh where you can indulge in your love for coffee:

Olive Cafe & Bar

An exquisite café menu offering freshly brewed coffee, customized beverages, crafted cocktails, and an extensive selection of wines comprises its daily offerings. Whether you seek a relaxed coffee rendezvous in the sunlit courtyard, an intimate starlit dinner for two, or a lively night out with friends at the bar, this place caters to various occasions.

Must Try – Cold (Vietnamese), Hot (Macchiato)

Where – SCO 3, Ground floor, Back entry, Sector 26, Chandigarh

Bon Gateau Chandigarh

This place is a French oasis nestled within Chandigarh, offering curative cuisines and coffees from various corners of the globe, all presented in a contemporary

French café ambience. The interior decor exudes a delightful allure, providing a charming backdrop for coffee enjoyment.

Must Try – Hot (Flat White), Cold (Iced Americano)

Where – SCO – 4, Backside, Sector 7-C, Chandigarh

Books N Brew

The establishment offers a wide array of books to explore as you enjoy your preferred coffee blend. Also, they host captivating live guitar evenings that are genuinely remarkable.

Must Try – Cold (Mocha Nirvana), Hot (French Press with their signature garlic bread)

Where – SCO 8, 1st Floor, Udyan Path, Sector 16 D, Chandigarh

Cafe Nomad

An enchanting café offering delightful dishes and a range of coffees from the Middle East to the Far East. Throughout the past decade, this charming establishment has evolved into a beloved spot where urbanites frequently gather and spend time.

Must Try – Affogat, Turkish Coffee

Where – 178, Inner Market, Opposite Sports Complex, Sector 7, Chandigarh

Cafe Jc’s

Cafe JC’s is popular with coffee aficionados. Their quirky decor, diverse menu, and aromatic coffee blends make it a must-visit spot. Seating Options include Indoor and patio seating, and it is also pet-friendly.

Must Try – Cold (JC’s Special Frappe) Hot (Irish Coffee)

Where- Shop 2 & 3, Coal Depot Complex, Sector 10 D, Near Sector 10, Chandigarh

Scola Kitchen & Kaffe

This cafe has gained a reputation for its captivating exploration of global cuisine, Spanish or Greek. Previously known as Gusto Kitchen and Kaffe, Scola has retained its enchanting atmosphere. Among their recommended dishes are the delectable Crumbed River Sole and Grilled Chicken Breast. The menu also boasts an impressive selection of burgers and pizzas. Be sure to notice their tempting Sangrias.

Must Try- Tiramisu Frappe

Where – SCO 180, Inner Market, Sector 7 C, Near Sector 7, Chandigarh

Virgin Courtyard

Finally, we have Virgin Courtyard as the concluding highlight on our list. Pay a visit and immerse yourself in a sun-drenched courtyard, where an atmosphere of pure bliss consistently prevails. This charming café exudes an aesthetic that will evoke memories of the Spanish countryside captured in films. The sun-soaked courtyard they offer creates an ideal setting to unwind with your dear ones leisurely. Serving delectable Italian cuisine and a diverse selection of exquisite wines, this café is a treat for the senses.

Must Try- All

Where- SCO 1A, Sector 7-C, Sector 7, Chandigarh


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