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Chandigarh is one of the few planned cities in the nation and serves as the capital to both Punjab and Haryana. The city has a beautiful, laid back vibe to it, with a coating of modernity which is visible in the spotless, wide roads and the broad tree-lined avenues. If you are traveling all the way from Capital City Delhi, then you can easily get here since it is accessible from Delhi – you can engage one of several cabs from Delhi to Chandigarh– it is the fun loving place for a perfect weekend getaway.

Here are some attractions to visit in ‘The City Beautiful’:

Rose Garden


The Zakir Hussain Rose Garden is spread out over 30 acres of area and is one of the largest botanical gardens on the continent. As the name indicates, most of the flowers and plants in the garden are roses – there are a fair amount of medicinal herbs, too. It is the best place in the city to chill in, with the cool breeze and manicured lawns.

Leisure Valley

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Starting from Rajendra Park and stretching out to almost 8 km, the Leisure Valley is also a tourist hotspot in the city. It is a collection of multiple gardens and areas, like the Rose Garden, Shanti Kunj, Hibiscus Garden, Bougainvillea Garden and so on. There is also a 3-day festival in the garden called The Chandigarh Carnival, in which many delegates and representatives from the best gardens across India participate.

Rock Garden

A unique place, the Rock Garden near Sukhna Lake is a large open area in which many art installations, rock formations, and pottery are placed. The statues from rock look so realistic that people sometimes mistake them for humans and animals from a distance. It also has an open-air amphitheater, where many programs are staged.

Le Corbusier Museum

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Le Corbusier was the architect who planned and designed the modern city of Chandigarh, so it is only fitting that he has a museum based on him in the city. His office, where he spent years planning and conceptualizing the city, has now been converted into a museum displaying his life and interests. It is well worth a visit, especially for architecture aficionados.

National Gallery of Portraits

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Located close to the city center, the National Gallery of Portraits chronicles the events happening in the Pre-Independence India. There are many recordings of the voices of some of the great leaders, and some rare documents pertaining to the freedom struggle are displayed in the gallery.

Chandigarh Cuisine


There are many dishes which are the favorites of the people in the city, and the cuisine has influences from both Punjab and Haryana. Street food to try in Chandigarh includes Dahi Bhalla, Gol Gappe, Kulfi, Pav Bhaji, and many more. Most vendors add some tamarind to the dishes they make, in order to impart a zingy taste to the item. Delectable street food available in the city is worth a try.

Chandigarh is a great weekend getaway, especially if you are based nearby. After spending the weekend in the beautiful city, you can easily hire Chandigarh to Delhi cabs and get back without any hassles.

Guys, if you have visited this city before then please share your favourite place in Chandigarh and your experience.


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