From one vibrant city to the other, the route between Delhi and Chandigarh is one of the most popular ones in North India. The highway connecting the two cities takes you on a ride from one world to another. As soon as you cross the Delhi city limits, the narrow urban roads give way to wider and cleaner highways of Gurgaon, leading into the rustic countryside of Haryana, then the expansive mustard and corn fields of Punjab, and finally into the Union Territory. Every now and then, you might cross a satellite town or an unknown village. But that is what adds to the experience of a road trip. To ensure that your drive turns out to be a great one, here are a few things you might want to consider while traveling from Delhi to Chandigarh.

Choose your ride

How you travel will decide a great deal about the kind of journey that you can expect. For instance, bus travel yields a certain kind of experience, which is albeit different from what you would expect out of car travel. If you are a regular on this route, you might like to drive your own vehicle. But if you are a traveler and exploring for the first time, then we recommend that you

The distance between these two major cities is roughly 244 Km and usually takes about 4.5 to 6 hours by car, depending on your route and of course, road and traffic conditions. Book a Delhi to Chandigarh cab service that is reliable and safe, so you can be free of any worries about the on-road paraphernalia and sit back and enjoy the ride.


From work travelers to vacationers, this route is often used by people living in and around Delhi and NCR. This has led to the rapid growth of eateries along the highway and even the bypass roads. From local eateries, famous dhabas, chain restaurants, and even shacks, there are plenty of options for good food stops.

For an intensive culinary adventure, you can actually do a ‘food trip’ and go restaurant hopping, trying the signature food item at each place. Even if you don’t, you might want to know about these places between Delhi and Chandigarh. After all, how can a trip be complete without a good grub?

Haveli- Murthal, Haryana

The imposing façade of this highway joint undoubtedly looks like a haveli (palace). The huge premise hosts a full-service food court and a fine dining family restaurant. The front yard greets you with a colorfully decorated elephant statue and a traditional field tractor, adding to the Haryana ambiance.

Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba- Sonipat, Haryana

This clean and swanky-looking restaurant is a great place to stop, especially if you are traveling at night and need to freshen up. That once used to be an unassuming, local eatery is now a full-spread diner that serves travelers 24 X 7 with its multi-cuisine buffet, baked goodies, confections, and an array of snacks.

Places to see en route

You can turn your regular road travel into an exciting journey by taking a quick detour and visiting these places on the way to Chandigarh.

The Cactus Garden

While gardens mostly refer to flowering plants or decorative trees, this natural enclave is a tad unique. Spread over an area of seven acres, the Cacti Garden in Panchkula is an interesting place to visit. It was built in 1987 and hosts more than 3500 varieties of cacti. From thorny to flowering succulents, this botanical garden attracts naturalists, botanists, and curious tourists alike.

Sukhna Lake

This is right on the edge of the Chandigarh city, in Sector 1. A huge water body was artificially built by channeling a stream from the Sivalik Hills on the Himalayas and ever since has been feeding the city. Although man-made, this lake remains mostly rain-fed and has become a popular local joint with lifestyle options surround its perimeters.

Chandigarh- an overview

Defined as the ‘perfect city to live’ by BBC, Chandigarh boasts an environment that is very Indian but with an international touch. From clean roads and ample greenery to smart urban planning, this joint capital of Punjab and Haryana has evolved to be the ‘It’ city of modern India. What’s more? The city boasts a series of uniquely designed and visually appealing structures, conceptualized by Swiss-French architect –Le Corbusier.

Once you reach Chandigarh, pick from the host of interesting places the city offers for you to explore.

Pro tip:

Always leave from Delhi by afternoon, especially, if you are landing at the airport. The traffic congestion between south and central Delhi can cause delay by 3-4 hours.

Unless it is winter, always rent an AC car in Delhi from a top-rated vendor and avoid breathing the city air.


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