Note Down These Practical Tips to Make Your Trip Hassle-Free

Whether you’re thinking of traveling solo or with a group of friends, you should consider exploring European countries for various reasons. Europe has the most beautiful and best travel destinations, each with unique features. For example, from exploring the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris to witnessing the various UNESCO world heritage sites in Italy- you can do a lot on your upcoming trip.

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You can start by picking a cheap European country to visit from India and then begin preparing the itinerary. If you are planning your first foreign trip, the following tips will help you plan a memorable and hassle-free European tour.

  • Plan Your Trip Geographically

One of the most ignored yet helpful travel tips is to plan your entire trip geographically. It starts with thoughtfully listing all the places you’re planning to visit. Once done, locate where these places fall on the map and connect the dots to create a travel route. When you prepare a travel route, you reduce your chances of wasting your time by crisscrossing the continent. For example, if you’re planning to visit Spain, start by looking for places up east for easy travel.        

  • Get Yourself a Eurail Pass

The entire European continent is well connected through a vast rail network. So if you plan well, you can save money on flights by mainly traveling via trains. Luckily, there is an option to buy Eurail passes for non-Europeans. This pass makes it easier for foreign travelers to hop between different European countries. The pass is available for different regions and countries, so pick your pass accordingly.  

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  • Keep the Seasons in Mind

Europe is a vast continent so you can experience different climates. Not all countries offer a favourable season throughout the year for excursions, and the vacation-season rush can worsen things. So irrespective of the European country you’re planning to visit, always check its temperature conditions. Plan your travel during months that are not too hot or too cold for travel purposes.  

  • Make all the Bookings in Advance

What if you open hotel booking apps or websites a few days before your travel date and notice all the good accommodations are already booked? The chances of such events taking place are very likely. If you don’t want yourself stuck in a similar situation, always make the hotel and flight ticket bookings months in advance. Advance booking will always give you peace of mind and help you save from inflated prices. You can also make online bookings for planned activities to avoid the ticket line and save some money.

  • Search for Discount Offers or Deals for Planned Activities

With so many travel websites available nowadays, travelers can easily find online deals and coupons to save money on planned activities, hotels, and flight tickets. If you’re looking for a pretty reliable website that offers lucrative discounts and travel deals, you can either ask for unbiased recommendations in online travel communities or do a little research online. The reviews available online will help you decide whether the select travel website is genuine or not.

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  • Always Carry Some Extra Local Currency

You never know where and when you might need some extra cash, especially in a foreign location. As not every traveler opts for a Master or Visa card compatible with foreign payments before traveling, carrying some extra cash can be helpful. You may need it to tip waiters at restaurants, buy something from a local store, get tickets for the bus, etc. For the best exchange rates, avoid exchanging the currency at airports.  

  • Secure Your Belongings and Yourself Under a Travel Insurance

Most European countries are safe for travelers, but you cannot take the slightest risk of incurring financial losses due to baggage or passport theft. The chances of encountering a medical emergency cannot also be entirely overruled. Hence, if you want to travel without worry, secure yourself and your travel partners under reliable travel insurance. This insurance will cover you against various events like missed flights, change in travel dates, baggage theft, and other events explicitly mentioned in the insurance agreement.

  • Learn the Local Lingo for Smooth Communication

There is a misconception that everyone in Europe understands English. Travelers should know that Europe is a diverse continent, and people speak various languages. For example, if you’re traveling to France, you might learn a few essential phrases in French, as not every French national may know English. So before leaving for any European country, study what language is most spoken there and learn a few lingos to make your travel experience a breeze.

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  • Carry Lesser Baggage for Ease of Travel

You may want to always look your best during your European trip, but always remember that overstuffing your luggage will only result in trouble. Besides the pain of dragging overweight luggage, you may also have to pay extra luggage charges at the airport. If you pack and travel light, you won’t face difficulty moving around Europe with your luggage. Moreover, the left-out space in your luggage means you can shop more and bring back various items.

  • Book Guided Group Tours

If your travel days are numbered, and yet you want to explore the most places possible, try going ahead with guided tours. Solo exploration requires time, especially if it’s your first time in a new location. Luckily, you can find various organized guided group tours for most European countries. These tours are generally designed to help you explore more in less time, so make sure you take advantage.

Plan the Best European Trip for Yourself & Your Loved Ones

Once you’ve decided to travel and explore distant locations, Europe should definitely be on your travel list. There are various European countries like Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. that are budget-friendly yet beautiful. All you need is an organized and well-put travel plan that can set things on the right track. Even if you diligently follow all the tips in this guide, you will surely have a pleasant European trip.

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