Best Windows 8 laptops: the top Windows 8 notebooks we've reviewed

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    Best Windows 8 laptops: the top Windows 8 notebooks we’ve reviewed

    Microsoft fundamentally changed the way Windows works when it introduced Windows 8, ensuring it works better with touchscreens and tablets.

    But what about Windows 8 laptops, Ultrabooks and convertibles? They’re all supported, too.

    One thing Windows 8 has in spades is convergence. A Windows 8 Ultrabook that has a touchscreen? Check. A laptop with a flip-around screen? Check. Tablet PCs that slide up to reveal a keyboard? Check.

    It can be tough differentiating some of these from tablets, but the only conditions required for laptops to make it into this article are that they have a keyboard and also run x86 Intel or AMD processors. (None of the machines you’ll see here are ARM-based.) They also come with keyboards in one way or another – for something more tablet-specific, check out our Best Windows 8 tablets article.

    All of which means they don’t run Windows RT, the version of Windows for ARM systems. They do, however, run either Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro. Check out our article on the different Windows 8 versions to get your head around which version you’d like.

    So to help you choose the right machine, here’s a rundown of the Windows 8 laptops, notebooks, convertibles and Ultrabooks we’ve looked at so far. Make sure you also read our Windows 8 review, and check out the changes in the Windows 8.1 update.

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