Google India today kicked off its Cricket World Cup Campaign, aiming to cash in on the cricket mania in the country by offering cricket fans a uniquely interactive experience through the Internet.The campaign will enable cricket enthusiasts to write, share, debate about and enjoy the World Cup on an integrated platform of Google products like Google Desktop, personalized homepage, blogger and orkut.

As an added incentive, Google has roped in renownedcricketer and commentator, Krishnamachari Srikkanth, who will host an expert blog ‘Cricket Zone with Krish Srikkanth’.

“The blog which can be accessed at, would not only enable us to gauge public sentiment but also give a personalised touch to blogging. Through this, cricket fans can interact with cricket experts as well as other bloggers on the performance of the various teams and engage in match analysis as well,” explained Srikkanth.

In addition, Srikkanth has also created a community on Google’s social networking site orkut named that already boasts of over 900 members.

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