Chandigarh: The Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh has started a helpline for the incidents regarding Beehives and the Contact Helpline numbers are 9915711425, 9872511297, 9872511261 & 9915711402, Pest Control, O/o Medical Officer of Health, Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh.

According to the Spokesman of MCC due to flowering/pollination season the beehives are thriving in the city.  They do have an important role to play in our ecology and are essential for pollination.  Lot of incidents regarding beehives are being reported to the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh these days.  The general public is requested to follow the below mentioned preventive measures during this season:

1.             Do not disturb/damage the beehives.

2.             Do not allow honey bees to create hives in your premises.

3.             Lodge complaint at an early stage of formation of bee hives.

4.             In case of honey bee stings, report to nearest hospital/consult your doctor.

In case of any complaint, the citizens are free to lodge complaints especially at an early state of formation of any beehives so that appropriate preventive measures for removing the same can be taken.  Remember honey bees sting only to defend themselves when threatened.

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