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    Ryan Hell

    The essay is task 40, an extended written statement with elements of speedy paper reviews. You can get a maximum of 14 primary points for an essay:

    3 for communicative problem solving;
    3 for text organization;
    3 for vocabulary;
    3 for grammar;
    2 for spelling and punctuation.
    The answer to the task is scored 0 points if the communicative task is scored 0 points. To receive the maximum score for the communicative task, you must fully disclose all aspects of the assignment and make no more than one error in the style of the essay.

    You will receive 0 points for the entire essay if:

    the answer does not meet the required length – less than 180 words;
    more than 30% of the answer is the same as the published source.
    The criteria are available on the FIPI website.

    Structure of the essay

    The outline is in the speedypaper itself:

    make an introduction (state the problem),
    express your personal opinion and give 2-3 reasons for your opinion,
    express an opposing opinion and give 1-2 reasons for this opposing opinion,
    explain why you don’t agree with the opposing opinion,
    make a conclusion restating your position.
    Inconsistency with the plan is one of the most common mistakes and the main reason for the loss of points. Let’s figure out how to write an essay according to the plan to get maximum marks for the communicative task and the organization of the text.

    Here you need to voice the main problem and present two opposing points of view on it. The length is 2-3 sentences.

    1. Carefully read the chosen statement.

    2. Identify what are the opposing views on the problem.

    3. Use stable constructions to represent the two points of view.

    Example: on the one hand, on the other hand.

    4. Write sentences according to the following scheme:

    one or two sentences – general information + relevance,
    one sentence – first point of view,
    one sentence – second point of view.
    Example: “The current situation with the coronavirus pandemic forced many schools and universities into distance learning. On the one hand, the majority of people found a lot of advantages in online education in the recent past. On the other hand, there are those who believe that benefits of offline education outweigh benefits of online one.

    Personal opinion (your opinion + 2-3 arguments in its defense)
    In the second paragraph you write your opinion and defend it with two or three arguments. For arguments, use the turns firstly, secondly, finally, to begin with, furthermore, what is more, last but not least.

    Vocabulary and structure.
    Be sure to use turns that show that this is your opinion: in my opinion, from my point of view, as far as I am concerned, I am thoroughly convinced, I strongly believe. Complete the sentence with the turnover for a number of reasons.


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    Jeffery Emery

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    Lynn Payne

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    Steve Carter

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    Lisa james

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