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    Smartphones are getting faster and cheaper day by day. Nowadays, you can get all the features of a 3-year-old iPhone in a phone that costs less than Rs.10,000. These new devices are also so good that they have more computing power than supercomputers from only a couple of decades ago.Micromax, a firm that has made a name for itself by coming out with some cool and affordable smartphones, is now again pushing the boundaries of what is possible with budget phones. Its latest smartphone, the Canvas Xpress 2, is a phone that gives users an octa-core processor, a high resolution camera and a HD display all in a package that costs less than Rs.6,000.

    Mini Gupta

    The Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 may be a budget device, but at first glance it appears to be anything but that. Although the device is entirely plastic, the gold strip along the sides appears metallic and gives the phone a premium feel. The 5-inch screen, thin bezels and slimness keep the phone compact and easy to handle, while the use of plastic keeps the weight down as well.


    Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 is a nice phone.

    Amit Sood

    Canvas Xpress 2 is a really affordable phone with great features and also device is entirely plastic which makes its weight down as well.

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    Harpreet Singh

    Indian phone companies are giving good competition to there chinese counterparts but still they are well ahead.Canvas Xpress 2 is good phone with plastic body which feels very light in hand.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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