Porting information from SQLServer to BigData?

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    I have an expansive SQLServer database on my current facilitating site… also,

    I might want to import it into Google BigData.

    Is there a technique for this?

    Thanks and Regards

     deepika sathpute

    Create a DB instance. For more information, see Creating a DB Instance Running the Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine.

    Stop applications from accessing the destination DB instance.

    If you prevent access to your DB instance while you are importing data, data transfer is faster. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about conflicts while data is being loaded if other applications cannot write to the DB instance at the same time. If something goes wrong and you have to roll back to a prior database snapshot, the only changes that you lose are the imported data, which you can import again after you resolve the issue.

    For information about controlling access to your DB instance, see Working with DB Security Groups (EC2-Classic Platform).

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