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    Although you love your other half very much, you may not be ready to marry that person. If there are signs below, you need to calm down to think carefully about your options.

    1. Are you scared when it comes to marriage?

    You may feel excited when you hear that your friends or cousins ​​are getting married and you begin to prepare to enjoy the wedding reception and experience memorable moments. However, when it comes to the idea of ​​getting married, you feel fear and shock. This makes you feel uncomfortable and bored. Therefore, you may even ask your parents and relatives to stop thinking about your marriage.

    2. Do you find marriage boring?

    Not only are you scared of the slightest reminders of marriage, but you also feel that being married to one person and living with that person for the rest of your life is very tedious. This could be one of the signs that you are not ready to get married yet.

    3. You don’t want to take on the responsibility

    Marriage comes with a multitude of responsibilities. When you marry someone, you will have to take on a lot of responsibilities in the years to come. In fact, every married couple is expected to take care of their family together, take care of relatives, friends, etc. This makes you worry and hinders your desire to get married.

    4. You just dated your other half

    If you’ve only been dating or know your partner for less than a few months or a year, you may not be ready for marriage. You’re not sure if you’re right for that person or if you’re in a serious relationship. As a result, you may not fully trust your partner. This makes you not want to get married for at least a few more years.

    5. You don’t want to raise children

    Obviously when you get married, you will become the parent of lovely children. You will take care of your children as well as take care of all the responsibilities of a parent. Although it is not an easy task, many people still do well as parents. However, if parenting scares you and you don’t want to raise children, it means you’re not ready to marry someone.

    6. You often argue with your other half

    There’s no such thing as a couple that doesn’t argue. Couples often show disagreement on many things and argue even over small things. Not only that, couples still argue even after marriage because they have different perspectives and opinions. However, if this makes you question your decision to enter into a relationship with your other half, then it is clear that you are not ready for marriage.

    7. You want to be independent

    This is one of the most common signs that you are ready to get married. Ask yourself if you want to spend your life with someone? Do you need a husband and do you feel that marrying someone will take away your freedom? If you feel that after getting married, you won’t be able to live the life you dreamed of and dedicate yourself to your passions, this is a clear sign that you are not ready to get married.

    8. You can’t forget your ex

    Do you still miss your ex and think about what caused your love to fall apart? Being friends with your ex is different from constantly spying on your ex in vain and thinking how much better it would be if you were still together. Fantasizing about your ex and longing for their presence in your life shows that you are not ready to marry someone else. In this case, marrying someone else may cause you more trouble.

    9. You don’t see divorce as a big deal

    Divorce is clearly a major turning point that can end a marriage forever. When you divorce your spouse, you are no longer committed to living with your other half. Therefore, couples need to think and consider carefully before coming to this decision. However, if this is not a big deal for you and you find divorce completely okay, this is a sign that you are not ready to get married. In fact, it may be too soon for you to marry someone.

    Source: https://m8winsoikeo.com/letou-24-7/


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