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    what is forex?


    Forex is an international market where banks buy and sell the currencies they are interested in at free rates. You can start trading in this market using forex bonuses , which gives a lot of advantages to every trader

    Steven Brun

    Thank you for interesting post.


    Forex is the largest financial market. Around $4 trillion is traded around the world every day. In many ways, this is the market that is easiest for an investor to master.

    Forex, or FX, means currency exchange. You sell one currency, such as pounds sterling, and buy another, such as US dollars.

    When buying currency at a bank or a currency exchange office, you see two prices: the purchase price and the sale price. The currency exchange works in a similar way. She sets one price, at which she is ready to sell you US dollars, and the second, at which she is ready to buy them from you.


    Some go to the forex market to exchange currencies to buy goods, services, or securities such as stocks or bonds in foreign currencies. Forex is also an opportunity to invest profitably. Foreign currency is bought because it provides a larger percentage of income than the base one.
    However, for this to be real, you will need to choose a reliable forex broker. The information at about forex scams will help you protect your money and avoid a scam broker.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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