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    Phạm Duy

    Friends and neighbors all mention a lot about smart drying rigs, but you still have not imagined how this kind of truss is and why it is so popular?

    Smart drying rigs are also a tool for drying clothes, drying clothes but it is different from traditional tools in that it is extremely space-saving and can adjust the height of the drying bars.

    On the market today, Vinadry Smart Drying Platform is the most popular type of drying bed.

    Design of Vinadry smart shelving is more beautiful, more modern and more luxurious. It has a compact structure with flexible operation mechanism such as a pulley system. The small set of winches installed on the wall will help you control the lifting and lowering the drying bars by turning counterclockwise to lower the bar and turn clockwise to raise the bar.

    Each time drying clothes on Vinadry drying bed, you can dry up to 60kg and 80 pieces of clothes at the same time on available drying holes while ensuring quick drying and ventilation.

    And in particular, Vinadry clothes drying rigs are manufactured entirely from good and durable materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and stainless alloy, so their durability is extremely high.

    Elmira Groce

    So their durability is extremely high slope game

    Minalis Yukis

    Vinadry’s drying bed has enough holes to accommodate up to 80 individual garments at once, meaning you can dry a large load of laundry in no time. puppet hockey

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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