We want to bring to notice of all that VV Associates a India based directory submitter in Chandigarh although a free lancer is a fraudulent person and his original name is Virender Tomar and is absconding as he made a fraud with company where he worked for more than 6 month. He along with Sunil Kumar hacked the database of company to start submission business and later they hacked the password of directories of there old company and sold lot of links on high prices.

When the fraud was found company deleted there all links they sold and now the all there customer to whom they sold links are in hot soup and thousand of dollar scam they made.

The original company has also initiated the legal action and police complaint is in process. They are absconding and still carrying on fraud on various forums

They have got more than 10 users name on forum we found after detail investigating

Here is detail of user  namesthey use.

VV Associates

The related sites which are involved in it SEOFurnish, Bidforweb, SEOwebtech, linkbuildingdir and many more
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