It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and having spent the first half of the day cleaning and mopping around no one was in mood of cooking. So had read in paper about the on going Amritsari Food Festival at Baithak Kalagram. So all got together and went there for for a sunday lunch. On reaching there we found that it was written that the food festival started in evening. We all had thoughts of going to some place else but the stomachs growled and we all thought that lets us have the normal lunch menu. When we occupied the seats at the table and ask the waiter they said that the festival was on and the menu was available in lunch as well. Well this is a government owned establishment so anything is possible.

Anyways we were in mood for veg food. Although the items are restricted in number but the preparations are good. We tried so tandoori stuffed aloo, Amritsari chole, paneer dilruba and rotis. Over all the food and quantity offered is good. The only thing is that the waiters are in a hurry to pick up the cutlery and glasses the moment you put them down.Maybe they are short of it and seeing the footfall that day they were doing good business.

Any how the over all ambience is good, food is nice and we had a lovely time.  BAITHAK KALAGRAM is a venture of CITCO


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