The chairman of Chandigarh Housing Board Maninder Singh allowed regularize the fixed or openable glazing of balconies or verandahs for the families that are allotees who had already done it on 23 March, 2010.

He explained that the condition does not damage the structural stability of residence unit, electricity and ventilation to the equivalent rooms is not affected.  The residents have to submit a structural stability certificate from the highly qualified structural engineer that can pass ME/MTech degree work under Chandigarh Administration. This step is taken for the safety of residents.

Chandigarh Housing Board also decides to shift up the gate that is setup in side boundary wall. The front boundary wall of the front courtyard of their front courtyard of their respective resident units, subject to the following situations: Reconstruction of boundary walls when the old one has been removed, the road berm in front of the plot will have to be in form of a sloping ramp without so much hassle, toe wall and grill to name a few, so that there is no hindrance in the movement of pedestrians/wheel chair on the road berms.

No need of approvals from the Chandigarh administration is required and the fees for reconstruction of the front gate is same Rs 5,000 will be taken from each and every allottees.

The allottees that earlier did reconstruction can submitted amount of Rs 10,000 to the Chandigarh Housing Board.


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