A Swachh Bharat App will soon launch by the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation. This app is a central government programme.

According to the officials this app is becomes an easy way to keep city clean. This app also inspire the residents of Chandigarh to make city clean.

The Joint Commissioner of MC Rajiv Gupta explained the feature of the app only one click a photo of garbage and then send and upload it on the mobile app, then it will directly  locate the area or location and an alert message is send on the particular area sanitary inspector for getting the place cleaned.

Now the sanitary inspector will instruct their staff to clean that place and after cleaning the officer will report to the senior officials of Municipal corporation.

He also added that if the sanitary officer is failed to clean the particular place within two days then a strict action will be taken against him/her.

Earlier a workshop had been held to make the city free clean app under the Swachh Bharat mission. This app is tested in other cities of India so Chandigarh officials will try it in Chandigarh.

Firstly the similar app was launch in Agra to track the progress of the sanitary officers whether they perform their regular duties or not.  The name of this app is “Waste collection and Monitoring System”.

The officials expected that residents of Chandigarh will support them to clean and green the city beautiful by using this app.


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