Ministerial cadre employees will soon carry out mass transfer by the Chandigarh Administration. A list of employees has been sought out from the heads of department.

According to the sources the department also sought the details of the employees that are near their retirements as well as waiting for their promotions. The transfer letters has to send when the list has been submitted to the department.

The department can transfer around 300 employees under the inter-department transfer policy. This is for the first time when the department can transfer a bulk amount of employees. This transfer is for all categories of employees such as clerks, accountants, stenos, assistants, senior assistants and superintendents. Many of the employees are not support this policy. They can also challenge the administration in court to stop their transfer.

Administration will clear to the employees now the transfers become a regular process under which employees has to follow all the rules. This step has been taken to generate transparency among various employees.

This policy has brought in March 13 in respect for the A, B, C, D category employees. This policy is implemented until the court didn’t give decision.


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