Finally the Chandigarh International Airport has been inaugurated although the flights will not run or another 2 months it seems. For this our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi is visiting our city. We understand that security measures have to be taken but bringing the whole city to stand still does that validate the visit. The schools have been closed, cremation ground is closed, most of the roads have been diverted or the traffic will be stopped. Strange that for one infrastructure development which also has happened after ages the whole still will stand still. Worst is that no prior information of sector 25 cremation ground unavailability was told to general public. Even in death a person cannot find peace it seems. The cremation ground was turned into parking place and the grieving people were told to go to Manimajra cremation ground. Apathy of BJP administration.

Education is the most important thing and PM will be giving lecture at PGI while attending the 34th convocation ceremony of Chandigarh’s medical college PGIMER. See the paradox on other hand all schools will be closed since he is visiting the city. People are been ferried to sector 25 where he will be addressing rally in those school buses. Chandigarh MP Kiran Kher says people should come out in large numbers to listen to the PM. Why does she not do development work so that people are themselves attracted to attend the rally rather than getting people ferried in buses.

People at senior posts should motivate people to increase productivity rather than bringing the whole city to halt.


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