All the political parties assured that there will be no property tax in the villages, and the SAS Nagar MC has been targeting to earn additional revenue of Rs 2 crore.

The MC has planned to impose the property tax in 6 villages and new sectors. Also the voices that are opposing this is growing stronger.

The Punjab government has given the big shock to the villagers after the Punjab assembly elections got over. The government had rejected the SAS MC resolution that is seeking to impose property tax in villages and told the civic body to collect the tax from these 6 villages from April 1.

Last year the MC sent a proposal to the local bodies department to make these SAS Nagar, Shahimajra, Madanpura, Kumbra, Mataur and Sohana villages free from property tax.

Rajesh Dhiman MC SAS Nagar commissioner told that per year tax from residential properties of these 6 villages is Rs 28 lakh, from commercial properties is Rs 12 lakh and the tax from new sectors residential is Rs 90 lakh and from commercial properties is Rs 50 lakhs.

Panchayat union chief Balwinder Singh Kumbra told that all the political parties had assured that new tax will be imposed on the Villages only just to get votes whether it is MC election or assembly elections. As soon the voting process is over the villagers are being burdened with the tax on property.

Balbir Singh Sidhu Congress MLA of SAS Nagar told that we will not let the civic body to impose any tax on villagers. We had already promised that no tax will be imposed on the villagers and we stick to the same.

Parminder Singh who is the SAD councilor and represents Kumbra and Sohana villages in the MC House told that the civic body did not provide any facilities to the villages then how can they impose the charges on the property. We will take up this issue with the government and there is no bylaw for the villages.


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