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    Our company Zhuhai Huasu Automation Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd established in 2013 then we bulid our brand Veinas.

    In the first year, it is a very hard time for us because no one knows our company and no one knows what change our machine can bring them, what advantage, advanced technology our machine have.

    By our effort of the whole 2013 year, the Chinese market began to accept us, our target client began to acknowledge us.

    Then our machine wss getting more and more popular in the domestic plastic industrial.

    In the year of 2016, we have occupied 85% of China market and then we begin to expand the oversea market.

    As far as now our machine have been sold to America, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.

    Below are some video about our factory.

    Our machine is mainly for epe foam(known as Expanded Polyethylene Foam) deep processing, to making the packing protection

    Functiong of machine including laminating, cutting, die cutting, grooving, etc.

    Enclosed are our product list and the video link of how our machine works.

    The reason why we can occupied the Chinese market and can be accepted by the oversea market in sucha show time is we know what our client need, what kind of problem they facing and.

    1,we have a team for research, their main job is doing research all around China and sometimes oversea, then send report back to our factory.

    The report is mainly about what’s the main problem epe manufacturer face, and what function they hope the machine could have.

    Then our develop team will develop and design new machine according to that report. The procedure of development and design will be long,

    it is impossible for this two team to develop a new machine in one or two month. Our bonding machine series 1 /2 /3 are created by the effort of this two team.

    2,Our company have more than a dozen patent, and they are applied in our machine. for example, three patent are applied in our series 2 bonding machine,

    including the heating plate for ironing, the operation of double work station, appearance design.

    All the patent have been developed by our boss and the senior engineer over year. That is knowledge owned by us ,Veinas. You can not balance it with money.

    3,To ensure our top quality and long life service of our machine, we pay high salary to hire experienced technician to produce our machine and retain them by our welfare.

    And the result is every machine they make are in top quality, our user are very satisfied with it.

    In fact we are a very new factory in China, our factory establish in 2013 but in last year we have occupied 85% of Chinese market. I will not telling how good our machine is without any fact, The surge sales volume can tell.

    We devoted ourselves for these year in develop new machinery with technical content to meet our users’s need and improve their production system.

    Veinas will be the best choice for you!

    email:sales1@zhhuasu.com skype:winnie_9090

    mobile/WhatsApp/wechat:+86 15217157519 contact:Winnie Chan

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