What’s the parameter meaning displayed in monitor?

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     sanjay tiwari 

    What’s the parameter meaning displayed in monitor?


    Monitor is much common in hospital ICU and coronary heart disease care room. It is on the bedside, connecting with patient, monitoring patient’s condition (such as heart rate, respiratory, body temperature, blood pressure, etc), and displaying parameters. Generally it forms a monitoring system with central monitor. Now I will take Mingtai brand monitor as an example to explain those parameters.

    ECG- electrocardiogram
    Mainly display heart rate, means the heart pulse times per minutes. Heart rate is different for adult, average is about 75/min (between 60-100/min)

    NIBP- non-invasive blood pressure
    IBP- invasive blood pressure
    Below is the average normal blood pressure reference for Chinese people

    SpO2- Pulse Oxygen Saturation (normal value is 90-100, most people are 99-100, the more hypoxia, the lower SpO2)
    SpO2 is the HbO2 account percentage in the total amount of hemoglobin (Hb), that is, the concentration of blood oxygen in the blood, which is an important physiological parameter of the respiratory cycle. SPO2 = Hb oxygen content / Hb oxygen capacity × 100%. It is an important indicators for reflecting body oxygen supply situation. Generally it is believed that the normal SpO2 should not be less than 94%, less than 94% is considered insufficient oxyen, some other scholars think less than 90% is low oxygen standard.

    RP- Respiratory rate, means the times that people breathes in unit time. When calm breath, newborns is 60-70/min, adults is 12-18/min

    TEMP- temperature
    Normal value is less than 37.3℃, more than 37.3℃ means fever. Some monitor may don not have this parameter.

     Kenneth Sorrell 

    What kind of monitoring do you say?

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