CHANDIGARH: The Chandigarh police has beefed up the security of Pakistani hockey players, currently here for playing Premier Hockey League(PHL)  tournament following terro blasts in Samjhauta Express train.

The players who are comfortable said, they “feel safe” despite the blasts on the Pakistan-bound Samjhauta Express train that left 67 dead. All the 11 sportsmen are part of Pakistan’s national hockey team. They include international stars like team captain Rehan Butt and drag-flicker Imran Warsi.

Rehan, who watched video footage of the “disturbing and shocking” news of the terror attack on the train near Panipat, in Haryana, said that some people were bent on disturbing the India-Pakistan peace process.

“I feel very sad about this incident. Both India and Pakistan are facing threats from terrorists. The common people have to suffer on both sides,” Rehan said.

Though concerned about the terror strike, Rehan said that he and the other players were feeling fine with their own security.

“I think that we as players don’t need extra security. We are not feeling unsafe despite this incident,” he added.

The terror attack on the train seemed to be particularly targeting Pakistan-bound passengers to derail the peace process between the two countries, a day before Pakistan Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri arrives in New Delhi for high-level talks.

Adnan Maqsood, another hockey player, echoed Rehan’s sentiments. “We are feeling quite at home. There are no immediate security concerns for us even after this incident,” he said. Warsi said he was “shocked” when told about the attack on the train. “It is the common people, mostly poor, who use this train. Why should the terrorists target poor people?” he asked.

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