This Christmas was the coldest Christmas in the past four years. The minimum temperature recorded was 3.4 degree Celsius which is three degree less than the normal.

From last 2012 to 2014, the recorded temperature was 5 degree and 8 degree Celsius.The maximum temperature was three degree below than normal that is 18 degree Celsius.

In 2012, the temperature recorded on Christmas was 7.8 degree Celsius, in 2013; it was 6.6 degree Celsius while in 1014 it was 5.8 degree Celsius. The weather forecast says that in now a days, chilly winds blow across the city, results fall in both day and night temperatures.

  The director of weather forecast Surinder Pal Singh rain was not expected in city in coming days and the weather remain cold and dry. The fog is likely to see in the city in next few days.

But energy of people did not reduce with cold. People visited to various places for celebrating Christmas. Various restaurants, hotels, malls offer high discounts in meal vouchers.


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