The pain of heart wrenching has been solved or renewed again when you get an organ donation or transplantation. This will make a big headline on regular basis of donors, doctors, surgeons etc.

So donors are real super heroes for the families whom life saves by them. PGI doctors regularly did many operations of transplantation where many donors donate their organs.

Sometimes a person organ doesn’t operate properly. So they need an organ to operate the body and the donors are whom that can donate their organs for needy persons. So today organ donation is celebrated all over the world. The department of hospital administration turns on its ninja mode and swings into silent action the moment a potential donor is identified and it does not breathe a sigh of relief till the donor’s body reaches home for the last rites.

In tricity Chandigarh it is very common to use technology for finding donors. A green corridor is build for specially organ donors. In PGI special awards are distribute to the donors and unassuming do-gooders the ones who can find the donors for the particular needers. They connect receptors and donors for the transplantation.  A team of seven faculty members and five technologists did this magic.


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