Punjab University’s declared that admissions this year will be made paperless seem to have fallen flat. Even though the online system of admission is in place, students are being asked to confirm the admission forms physically. The university had occupied a Bhopal-based company to build a cloud- server based website for online admissions system.

The PU had declared that this website is best in the region and the student will not need to come to the university for confirming the application forms. However, it has not happened, the basic aim of the website has been defeated. Already, students are to carry away all their original certificates at the time of counselling even though they are permitted to upload the same online.

The PU has lower the cost of the admission form from Rs 500 to Rs 300 this year and out of which Rs 150 will go to the Bhopal-based company. However, with the website not serving its basic motive, this is a huge loss for the university as well as the students.

Dean University (Instructions) Meenakshi Malhotra told, “This is just a preventive measure as it is the first year of the website.” However, students well informed that there are problems while choosing options and selecting subjects. Sources inform that the PU does not belief the website enough and fears that mistakes may crawl into the online system.

The only advantage for the website now remains that candidates have the choice of paying their fee online. Also, the Punjab University had claimed that candidates will receive an  e-mail and SMS  alerts at every step of the admission process.


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