As the Electricity Department has decided to keep the underground power project on hold, the sector-8 residents will have to wait for a while for the underground electricity service. It is the Fourth time the tender has been forwarded by the department now. Previous gliding attempts have proved a flop because of a variety of reasons.

On the other hand, it has been said by an officer from the dept that few changes were made in the terms and conditions of the project to reassure the allotment of the project this time. The idea is to make the sector-8, the first sector in the entire city to have underground electricity supply. The approximate cost of the project is about 16 crore rupees. The Project will be completed by this year.

Sector-8 is one of the oldest sectors with so many old trees because of which there had been always a fear of electricity damage in storms. Hence, Installing new distributing transformers with higher voltage will decrease the power loses.

The underground cable system will protect the damage in heavy rains and there will be no effect of thunderstorms on the power supply.    



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